Bovec, Soca valley, Slovenia

Friendly, green and untouched

Looking for an adventurous yet safe place for your next escape from everyday life? Slovenia is your ideal choice. The majority of this central European country's surface is covered with pristine forests. Water of Slovenian river Soča is famous for its purity. It is a rare occasion to be able to swim or paddle in a river with drinkable water. Explore and enjoy a plethora of Slovenia's untouched rivers and lakes.

Slovenia's supreme summer and winter sports center will surely fill you with adrenaline and make you fit. Lying in the magnificent upper Soča river valley in northwestern Slovenia, Bovec gives you the opportunity to explore the treasures of Triglav National Park.

Valley of Soča river is a paradise for truly active vacation. Experience it as a hiker, cyclist, water sports enthusiast, sports fisherman, climber, paraglider or skier.

The natural environment of Soča valley is the source for your health, beauty and emotional well-being. Local inhabitants claim that living by the river helps rebuilding both physical and mental balance. Simple yet sophisticated local cuisine, traditional use of herbs and natural medicine in combination with limitless possibilities for physical activities guarantee happiness and long lasting positive vibrations.

Let's spend some quality time by the river in our camps together!


Kamp Vodenca, Vodenca
Kamp Polovnik, Bovec
Kamp Korita, Soča
Kamp Liza, Vodenca
Prijon sport Center, Čezsoča