Why to camp?

There are multiple reasons for escaping the routines of everyday life. Camping is an ideal way. We all need to reconnect with nature. Sitting around a campfire under a clear sky, gazing up at the stars and listening to the sounds of night strengthens our bodies, relaxes our minds and restores our spirits. Camping is rejuvenating!

Regain your youth and go camping! And, when camping, stop for a moment and reflect on how blessed you are to be able to live on this marvelous planet that we call campground Earth. Remember to share your love for the outdoors with family and friends. By camping, you help passing your respect for nature to future generations.


Why camping in the Soča Valley?


Camping in Bovec is a unique way of getting closer with nature. Catch your own fish in Soča river. Taste famous local quark and cheese. Learn and discover healing plants and herbs in the surrounding ancient forests.

Three reasons why you really should go camping in Bovec:

  • Located in the northwestern part of Slovenia, Bovec is a peaceful, untouched and green gem of Europe.
  • Beautiful water, mountain and forest ecosystems.
  • Great camping infrastructure, nice personnel and friendly local people.
Kamp Vodenca, Vodenca
Kamp Polovnik, Bovec
Kamp Korita, Soča
Kamp Liza, Vodenca
Prijon sport Center, Čezsoča